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Humble Girls Softball League By-Laws

1. Each team will have only one Manager/Head coach, and no more than two (2) official Assistant Coaches and an official Team Parent.  The Manager/Head Coach must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Each Coach (Head and Assistant) and Team Parent must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Any person under eighteen (18) year of age must wear a helmet/face mask to take the field at all times.  The Humble Board of Directors (BOD) reserves the right to approve or reject any person in any coaching position.  Background checks MUST be done on all Managers/Head Coaches, Team Parents, concession workers, and BOD.

2. Registration fees - must be paid at the time of registration. Financial Scholarship cases will be reviewed by the president or by his/her designee.  Refunds will not be issued once a player is drafted onto a team.  Exceptions will be injuries and will be voted on individually by the Board of Directors.

3. The league will be divided into six the following divisions as follows:

Division                                                                                Age as of Jan. 1st

6u (Coach Pitch)                                                       4 – 6

8u (Coach Pitch)                                                       7 – 8

10u                                                                            9 – 10

12u                                                                            11 – 12

18u                                                                           13 – 18

During All-Star/Summer Play, the team formed from a combined division must play in the Division from which their oldest player would have been formed. NOTE: A player aging out of the 18u Division, on the upcoming January 1st date, will be allowed to play the preceding Fall Season. 

Youths must play in their respective age bracket. January 1st is the cut off date for all age groups. 

All registered players are expected to attend the skills try-outs prior to the draft.  Teams will be formed according to HGSL Draft Rules.  Any players not attending try-outs will be placed on a team during the leagues blind draft.

Either parents or legal guardians may block one (1) coach per age division, Head Coach or Assistant Coach, per child, before the draft process begins. This must be done in writing or email and submitted at least 1 day before the draft.

7. Any violation of the general playing rules stating each player must play at least one (1) complete inning in each game, which includes three (3) consecutive defensive outs, or the number of runs required in the game forfeiture and/or replacement of the manager/head coach.

8. Youths must participate and obey all league rules to qualify for game participation.

9. All participating youths, coaches, and spectators will be subject to disciplinary action by the respective Head Coach/Division Director/BOD for cursing, fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct as well as incidents of gross disrespect.  The BOD must be notified within 24 hours of any disciplinary action taken by any Coach.  If the problem is deemed severe enough, a meeting between the BOD and the youth and her parent(s) will be arranged.  By majority vote of the BOD, a youth, coach or spectator, may be removed from team participation for all or part of the current and/or future season(s).  If a person is voted by the BOD to not be allowed to coach a team, that person shall not be allowed to Assistant Coach or another adult coach position either; until at what future time the BOD determines they shall be allowed.

10. The official softball rules of USSSA will be followed, except where superseded by the by-laws and / or general playing rules for each age division.

11. Two (2) official umpires will be assigned for each game for all divisions. NOTE: Should circumstances prevail, a minimum of one (1) umpire will always be present per game, but two (2) or more may be used.  Umpires shall not oversee games in which they have a relative on either of the teams playing.

12. Uniforms – All players listed on the official playing roster for a game shall be required to wear full uniforms; consisting of shirt, short and/or pants, socks, tennis shoes or rubber cleats. No metal cleats allowed. Shorts must be of decent length and properly fitted.  No cut-off jeans.  Hats are optional.

13. Team Responsibilities – The designated HOME team is responsible for field preparation, which includes proper placement of bases and marking batters’ box, foul lines, etc.  The VISITORS are responsible for returning the bases to the field boxes, and raking the fields.  Each team is responsible for cleaning their respective dugouts as well as the stands and fence line on their side of the field. Failure to clean up trash could lead to a forfeiture of a team’s next game. The HOME team is responsible for supplying the official scorekeeper.  The VISITORS are required to supply an approved adult to run the scoreboard. Individual keeping the scorebook may sit in the stands; individual working scoreboard may sit in the stands and must be an approved adult.

14. No practice or warm-ups will be permitted on the dirt portion of the field prior to an official game.

15. Helmets and Fielding masks – Helmets are required for batting and base running. A facemask must be installed on batting helmet. Fielding Masks are required for all players playing any position in the infield or outfield.

16. Coaches’ Rules Clinic – The manager/head coach or team representative is required to attend the coaches’ rules clinic. The Umpire-in-Chief, or a person selected by the president, will conduct the clinic and discuss league rules as well as USSSA rules.

17. Training Clinics – When the board sets a training clinic, the manager/head coach or a team representative is required to attend said clinic.  The manager/head coach will be notified by email and/or verbally by respective divisional directors of the clinic not less than 48 hours prior to the game.  It is the responsibility of the manager/head coach should he/she not able to attend, to have a team representative stand in their place at the clinic.

18. Protests - will be ruled upon by a protest committee. This committee, appointed by the president, will have at least three (3) board members deemed to have no conflict of interest in the protest.  The president or vice-president may chair this committee.

19. These by-laws have been approved by the Humble Girls Softball League Board of Directors and have an effective date as indicated in the footer.

You may download a copy of the bylaws by clicking here.

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